Pet Guide

Supercharge your bearded dragon's nutritional intake for a happy healthy pet.

Find your paw-fect dog coat fit & keep your doggo snuggly, warm & on-trend this winter!

There's so much to love about a beautifully structured planted tank. What do you think?

Is your pet bored of their daily bowl? Make mealtime exciting again with drool-worthy meal options.

Using your dog's natural instinct to scavenge is a great way to enrich their day to day lives, we explain it all here.

Start your brushing-free dental care routine today and reduce the chances of developing Periodontal Disease.

Wild birds forage for about 80% of their day, while captive birds eat out of a bowl. Here's why you should introduce foraging!

Cold weather can bring on joint pain which is common in older or large dogs. Here are some tips and tricks to alleviate symptoms.

Adopting a new puppy and not sure what you’ll need? Use our checklist to help point you in the right direction.

This pet guide can help you choose the correct type of heating equipment for your pet's enclosure.

It's very important to house your pet guinea pig correctly, here are some tips to help you choose the right enclosure.

So you have packed everything up for yourself and the kids - but what about your dog? Here's what you need to know!

Depending on your cat's lifestyle, age and health we recommend using different flea treatments to receive the best results.

Your dog is unique in every way and should be pampered accordingly. Find out which shampoo you should be using for your pooch.

LickiMats - the innovative pet product that professionals are raving about. Discover the right LickiMat for your cat or dog here.

Your fish tank is a mini ecosystem and a small change in water temperature can harm your fish. Here is a list of the top heaters f

The provision of light and heat is physiologically and psychologically crucial for the majority of reptiles. Humans just recently

Clipping your dog is not as simple as it sounds! This beginner guide can aid you the first few times you choose to groom your dog

You too can learn how to walk in harmony with your pooch, no more pulling and uncontrollable behaviour with these helpful tips.

Here's some great tips from experienced campers to help you check off everything you need to take your dog.

Following this one main tip can help you promote harmony for your dog when you go back to the daily grind.