Marine Dosing Pumps

Trust Pet City for exceptional marine dosing solutions that empower you to create a thriving and harmonious marine environment. Achieve optimal water parameters effortlessly, ensure accurate and consistent dosing of supplements and additives, and support the overall health and growth of your marine fish and corals. With cutting-edge technology and reliability, our marine dosing pumps streamline maintenance, granting you more time to enjoy your aquatic oasis.


How do marine dosing pumps work, and what functions do they serve in a reef tank?

Marine dosing pumps are precision devices that deliver controlled amounts of supplements and additives to a reef tank. They work by drawing the desired liquid from a container and releasing it into the tank at a set rate. Dosing pumps play a crucial role in maintaining stable water parameters, such as calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium levels, essential for coral growth and health. They automate the dosing process, ensuring accuracy and consistency, which is vital in a reef tank where precise nutrient balance is crucial for a thriving ecosystem. 

Are there different types of marine dosing pumps available, and how do they differ in features?

Different types of marine dosing pumps offer various features to cater to different needs. Basic models provide straightforward dosing at fixed intervals. Programmable pumps allow customisation of dosing schedules and volume, suitable for multiple supplements. Advanced pumps integrate with aquarium controllers for remote monitoring and control. Some pumps offer dual-channel dosing, enabling precise dosing of two solutions simultaneously. Choosing the right pump depends on your tank's requirements and your preference for automation and control capabilities.


We Recommend

Ekoral 4 Channel Dosing Pump

REG $420.00

VIP $395.00

Red Sea ReefDose 4

REG $695.00

VIP $660.25

Reef Factory KH Keeper Plus

REG $1,410.00

VIP $1,360.00