Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

Get ready to dine with both brilliance and practicality with Pet City's marvellous assortment of stainless steel dog bowls. Our stainless steel wonders are here to add a gleaming touch to your furry friend's mealtime. Stainless steel and metal dog bowls are not only stylish and durable but also offer a host of benefits. They are non-porous, making them resistant to bacteria and easy to clean. It's time to unleash the lustre of these bowls and let your pup's meals shine bright like a diamond!


Are stainless steel bowls safe for dogs?

Absolutely! Stainless steel and metal dog bowls are considered safe for dogs. They are free from harmful chemicals and do not leach toxins into food or water. Additionally,  non-slip stainless steel dog bowls, in particular, provide stability during mealtime, minimising spills, and messes. There‚Äôs no doubt these bowls are a paw-some choice for keeping your furry friend's dining experience safe, hygienic, and enjoyable. 

How to clean stainless steel dog bowls?

Cleaning a stainless steel dog water bowl is a breeze! Simply wash it with warm, soapy water using a gentle dish detergent. Rinse thoroughly to remove any residue. For a deeper clean, you can also use a mixture of vinegar and water. Avoid using harsh abrasives or bleach, as they can damage the stainless steel surface. Regular cleaning ensures your stainless steel dog bowl remains sparkling clean and ready for your pup's refreshment.