Winter Dog Coats

Brrr, chilly pups, rejoice; Pet City’s collection of dog coats for winter is here! We've got your furry friends covered from head to tail, with a range of options that will make tails wag with excitement. From weatherproof wonders to snuggly snoodies, and trendy trench coats to sub-zero superheroes, our winter coats offer the ideal blend of warmth and style. Plus, we’ve got a variety of sizes to suit a wide range of breeds, from large dog coats for winter to small dog winter coats perfect for pint-sized pooches. Let your dog strut their stuff in these fashionable and functional coats because staying cosy has never looked this dog-gone good.


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Does Your Dog Need A Winter Coat?

Just like humans, some dogs feel the cold whilst others don't. It’s important to know whether your breed could benefit from wearing a jacket during the cooler months. Dogs that are older, smaller or have less body fat are more likely to get cold and benefit from an extra layer. Some breeds that would benefit from a coat or jumper in Winter include Greyhounds (less fat), small breeds like Chihuahuas and other fluffy slipper dogs. Dogs with longer coats may benefit from a lighter layer just to keep the chill away on those cold Winter nights. We have a variety of options available in all sizes to suit every breed (whilst ensuring your pooch is on-trend and runway ready).

What is the best material for a dog winter coat?

The best material for winter coats for dogs varies depending on factors such as your pup's breed, size, and individual needs. Generally, insulated and water-resistant materials like polyester or nylon are popular choices. However, for dogs with specific requirements, such as those prone to allergies or needing extra warmth, alternative materials like fleece or wool may be suitable. It's important to consider your dog's unique characteristics and consult with experts to determine the best material that will keep your furry friend comfortable and protected during winter adventures.

What are the benefits of a dog coat?

  1. Weatherproof - Wearing a weatherproof jacket helps keep your pooch warm and dry no matter the weather, great for adventures!
  2. Warmth - Does your dog feel the cold? A snuggly outfit or pajamas for the evening can be a great way to keep your dog warm and comfortable for the night ahead.
  3. Trendy - Being warm doesn’t have to be boring! This Winter’s dog coats range from the soft and cute to the versatile & stylish so your pooch looks tip-top!
  4. Health - When your dog ages they are more likely to feel discomfort from the cold. Osteoarthritis can be a big problem in Winter, especially for large breeds or dogs predisposed to joint problems.