Reptile Feeding & Water Dishes

Clean food and water dishes are essential for a reptile’s health and wellbeing. Fresh water and a place to clean themselves make a reptile a happy camper. And a food dish can contain their food, especially live food, from escaping, which means they won’t lose the food. Have a look at the feeding dishes we have, which look like rocks and scree. They can blend into your tank and are much more fitting than repurposing a dog bowl or dinner dish.



Do I still need a reptile feeding dish for live food?

It is always a good idea to have a feeding dish for your reptiles. They can contain live insects while your lizard eats. It also can form a habit, so your pet knows where its next meal will come from. Live food, such as crickets, may escape the dish, but they should remain in the enclosure for your pet to hunt, or for you to catch and put back in the dish.

How big of a reptile water dish do I need?

When it comes to a water dish for your reptile, depth is more important than width. You don’t want the water level to be more than half the height of your pet. This is to prevent drownings. Wide and shallow water bowls are best. It gives your pet a chance to bathe, if they want, without the risk of drowning.