Dog Cooling Jackets

Calling all cool canines and chill-seeking pooches! Get ready to beat the heat in style with a dog-cooling jacket from Pet City. We're wagging our tails with excitement to introduce you to a solution that will keep your furry friends cool as cucumbers on a hot summer's day. Our dog cooling jackets are designed with cutting-edge technology to provide instant relief from the scorching sun, preventing overheating and ensuring maximum comfort. From fashionable fabrics to adjustable straps, these jackets are a doggone delightful way to keep your pup feeling fresh and fabulous. So, unleash the coolness and let your pup chill like a pro with Pet City's pawsome dog cooling jackets!


What is a dog cooling jacket and how does it work?

Imagine slipping your four-legged friend into a mini air-conditioner – that's the magic of a cooling jacket for dogs! These ingenious garments are specially designed to keep your furry companion cool during hot weather. Using advanced cooling technology, the jackets feature special materials that absorb and dissipate heat, creating a refreshing sensation for your pup. As the heat evaporates from the fabric, it cools down your dog's body, providing instant relief from the sweltering sun. It's like giving your furry friend their own personal cool breeze wherever they go!

How do I choose the right size of dog cooling jacket for my pet?

To ensure your pup stays cool and comfortable, finding the right-sized cooling jacket is essential. Start by measuring your dog's chest girth and neck size. Check the sizing chart provided by Pet City and select a jacket that matches your pup's measurements. Remember, a snug fit is ideal to maximise the cooling effect while allowing for unrestricted movement.


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