Cat Water Fountains & Accessories

Discover the refreshing world of cat water fountains and accessories at Pet City! Our range includes innovative solutions like a stainless steel cat water fountain designed to provide fresh, flowing water that entices your feline friend to stay hydrated. These fountains offer numerous benefits, from encouraging drinking to promoting better hydration and overall health. With features like filters and adjustable flow settings, they ensure clean, circulating water for your cat's enjoyment. Explore our collection to find the perfect cat water fountain or accessory to keep your beloved pet happy, healthy, and hydrated.


Are cat water fountains safe?

Yes, a water fountain for cats is generally safe. They are designed to provide clean and filtered water continuously, encouraging cats to drink more and stay hydrated. However, it's essential to regularly clean and maintain the fountain to prevent bacteria growth and ensure your cat's health and safety.

Do cat water fountains use a lot of electricity?

The energy consumption of cat water fountains varies depending on the model. While some may use minimal electricity, others with additional features might consume more. The best cat water fountain to opt for is an energy-efficient model that can help minimise electricity usage, ensuring both functionality and cost-effectiveness.