Large Bird Cages

Give your birds the freedom to spread their wings in a spacious home. Pet City’s large bird cages offer ample room for birds to explore, exercise, and thrive. All our cages are crafted with quality and safety in mind, and come in a variety of designs to suit your bird's needs. Whether you have majestic macaws, elegant cockatoo, or playful African grey, we have the stylish living quarters your bird deserves. Elevate your bird's home with a large bird cage from Pet City today, where size and safety meet style and comfort.


What are the advantages of having a large birdcage for my pet?

Bird cages for large birds offer several advantages. Firstly, they provide ample space for your bird to move, stretch its wings, and exercise, promoting physical health and mental wellbeing. Large cages also allow for more toys and perches, encouraging mental stimulation and reducing boredom. In cases where two or more birds are being housed together, large cages can also provide a safer environment, preventing overcrowding and potential territorial disputes.

How do I choose the right size and style of a large bird cage for my bird species?

Choosing the right size and style of a large bird cage for your bird species is crucial. Begin by researching the specific needs of your bird. Consider its size, flight capabilities, and natural behaviour. For example, larger parrots like macaws prefer horizontal bars for climbing and need enough room to spread their wings. 

You should aim to choose a style that complements your home while prioritising your bird's comfort and safety. Consulting with an expert or referring to breed-specific guidelines can help you make an informed choice.