Dog Oral Gels & Sprays

Picture your pup with a smile so bright it can outshine the sun! At Pet City, our collection of dog oral gel and dog oral spray products is here to make it happen. Say goodbye to doggie breath and hello to a fresh, clean mouth. These gels and sprays are like a spa day for your pup's pearly whites. Dive into the world of dog oral gels and sprays at Pet City and join us on a journey to a healthier, happier smile for your furry friend!


Are there specific oral gels and sprays designed to address bad breath in dogs?

Yes, you can find a specific oral spray for dogs and oral gels designed to target and alleviate bad breath. These products often contain ingredients like mint or parsley to freshen breath and enzymes to target the bacteria causing the odour. They're a convenient and effective solution for addressing this common issue in dogs.

What are the advantages of using oral gels and sprays over traditional brushing for dogs?

Dog oral care spray and gel offer advantages over traditional brushing as they are often more convenient and less stressful for dogs. They can reach areas that may be hard to brush, promoting better dental hygiene. These products can be particularly useful for dogs that resist traditional brushing or for quick, on-the-go maintenance.