Cat Blankets

Keep your cat comfy and warm with Pet City's premium cat blankets. Whether it's a cozy afternoon nap or a good night's sleep, our blankets offer warmth and security. Crafted from soft, high-quality materials, these blankets are available in a range of chic designs to complement your cat's style. Drape them over a favourite lounging spot or add an extra layer of coziness to their favourite bed, and treat your cat to the epitome of luxury.


How do I clean my cat blanket, and how frequently?

Keep your cat's blanket fresh and clean by washing it every 1-2 weeks, or as needed. Make sure you follow care instructions for specific materials. Machine washable blankets should be laundered on a gentle cycle with pet-safe detergent, while delicate fabrics may require hand washing. Remove loose fur before washing, and air-dry or use a low-heat setting to preserve the fabric.

What are the best materials for cat blankets that ensure comfort and warmth?

Opt for cat blankets made from soft, breathable materials like fleece, microfibre, or plush fabrics for ultimate comfort and warmth. These materials provide a cozy retreat for your cat, ensuring they stay snug during naps. You should also look for high-quality, durable options that are easy to clean, maintaining a hygienic sleep environment.


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