Dog Tear Stain Remover & Eye Wipes

Discover Pet City's gentle yet effective solutions formulated to keep your furry friend's eyes clean and comfortable. Our range includes vet-recommended dog eye wipes, dog tear stain removers, and soothing eye drops. Safely cleanse away dirt, discharge, and debris while reducing unsightly tear stains, ensuring optimal hygiene and comfort. Explore our range to promote clear, bright eyes.


How to remove dog tear stains?

To remove dog tear stains, start by gently cleaning the area with a vet-approved dog tear stain remover or solution. Use a soft, damp cloth or pad, to wipe away the stains from the fur around the eyes, taking care not to touch the eyes directly. Maintain consistent cleaning, keeping the area dry and free from excessive moisture. If your dog has persistent or excessive staining, you may also need to address any underlying causes, such as allergies or eye irritation.

What are the best eye wipes for dogs?

The best eye wipes for dogs are those specifically formulated for pets, ideally with gentle, natural ingredients and without harsh chemicals or fragrances. Look for wipes that remove debris, reduce tear stains, and soothe irritation while being gentle on sensitive eyes, and prioritise products free from alcohol or harsh additives, ensuring safe and comfortable cleaning for your furry friend's eyes.