Soft Toys for Dogs

Embark on a cuddly adventure with Pet City's collection of soft toys for dogs! Our assortment features a variety of options, from indestructible soft dog toys to soft squeaky dog toys for playful pals. On top of that, we also stock chew-proof soft dog toys that remain in tip-top condition. Crafted with gentle materials, these toys offer comfort and companionship to your furry friend, making playtime a delightful experience. Soft toys also provide mental stimulation and help alleviate boredom, promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle for your pup. Treat your canine companion to endless joy and snuggles with Pet City's soft dog toys—because every squeeze makes tails wag!


Are soft toys safe for dogs?

Yes, soft toys can be safe for dogs when chosen wisely and monitored during playtime. Opt for durable materials and sturdy construction to minimise the risk of choking or ingestion. Regularly inspect toys for damage, and discard any worn-out or broken pieces promptly to ensure your dog's safety during play.

How can I choose the right size soft toy for my dog?

To choose the right size soft toys for dogs, consider their breed, size, and chewing habits. Select toys that are appropriately sized for your dog's mouth to prevent choking hazards. Opt for toys that are large enough to be chewed safely but not so small that they can be easily swallowed.