Dog Perfume, Cologne, Spray & Deodorant

Pamper your furry friend with delightful scents and effective detangling solutions. At Pet City, our range includes specially formulated dog perfume to keep your pet smelling fresh between baths, masking odours with long-lasting fragrances. Additionally, discover our dog detangling spray, designed to effortlessly smoothen knots and mats, making grooming a breeze. Gentle on your dog's coat and skin, our products offer a luxurious grooming experience, ensuring your pet looks, feels, and smells their best every day. Explore our collection to add that extra touch of freshness and care to your dog's life.


Can dogs wear perfume?

Yes, dogs can wear specially formulated fragrances designed for them, often termed "dog cologne" or "dog perfume." These products are crafted to be safe for canine skin and offer pleasant scents between baths. However, it's crucial to use these fragrances sparingly and opt for ones specifically made for dogs to prevent skin irritation. Always follow instructions and consult a vet if unsure about using any grooming products on your pet.

Can you use detangling spray on dogs?

Yes, detangling sprays can be used to ease knots and mats in dogs' coats. These specially formulated dog sprays are designed to be gentle on canine fur and often contain conditioning agents to make combing or brushing easier. It's important to note that you should only use detangling sprays specifically made for dogs to ensure they are safe and won't cause irritation. Always follow instructions and consult a vet for guidance if your pet has sensitive skin or allergies.