Dog Training Treats

Looking to enhance your dog's training sessions? Explore Pet City's selection of dog training treats. Our range includes the best dog training treats on the market, perfect for rewarding good behaviour and reinforcing commands during training sessions. With Pet City's selection, you can ensure that your furry companion stays motivated and engaged while learning new skills. Choose from our variety of delicious and nutritious options, including all-natural dog training treats, to make training both enjoyable and effective for your canine companion.


How often should I use treats during dog training sessions?

During dog training sessions, use treats strategically to reinforce desired behaviours. Generally, aim to use treats sparingly, focusing more on praise and positive reinforcement. Incorporate treats intermittently to maintain motivation and engagement. Over-reliance on treats may lead to dependency, so balance treats with other forms of rewards and encouragement during training.

Can dog training treats help with crate training and potty training?

Yes, high-quality dog treats for training can help dogs learn how to go potty and use their crates by providing positive reinforcement. Use treats to reward desired behaviours, such as entering the crate willingly or eliminating in the appropriate spot. Consistent reinforcement with treats helps reinforce good habits and encourages your dog during the training process.