Dog Water Fountains

Discover a refreshing way to keep your dog hydrated with Pet City's range of dog water fountains and accessories! Explore innovative designs that provide a continuous flow of fresh water, enticing your pet to drink more. From quiet, multi-tiered fountains to replaceable filters ensuring pristine water quality, find the ideal fountain to encourage your dog to stay hydrated. These fountains offer convenience and cleanliness, circulating and filtering water to prevent stagnation and promoting better hydration habits for your furry friend!


Are water fountains good for dogs?

Water fountains are beneficial for dogs, as they encourage increased water intake. The flowing water entices dogs to drink more frequently, promoting hydration, especially for picky or reluctant drinkers. Fountains also provide a continuous supply of fresh, filtered water, reducing the risk of stagnant or contaminated water. This not only supports better hydration but also contributes to overall health by ensuring your dog has access to a clean and appealing water source.

Are dog water fountains safe?

Dog water fountains are safe and reliable when properly maintained. Regular cleaning of the fountain, including its components (like the reservoir, pump, and filters) is crucial to prevent bacterial growth and ensure water quality. Using manufacturer-recommended cleaning methods and replacing filters as directed maintains hygiene. Additionally, opting for fountains made from safe materials like BPA-free plastics or stainless steel mitigates any potential health risks, providing a safe and hygienic drinking source for dogs.