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At Pet City, discover a purr-fect assortment of cat supplies designed to pamper your feline friend. Explore stylish accessories, nutritious treats, cozy beds, toys, and other essentials tailored to meet your cat's unique needs. Whether you're bringing home your very first kitten or you're a seasoned cat parent, we've got everything your whiskered companions need! Shop our range with confidence, knowing that each product has been chosen with your cat's comfort and happiness in mind. Give your cat the love they deserve with Pet City.



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Royal Canin Cat Instinctive In Gravy Pouch 85g
Airline Carrier PP30

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Airline Carrier PP40

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Bravecto Plus Spot-On Large Cats 6.2-12kg (1 Pack)
Bravecto Plus Spot-On Large Cats 6.2-12kg Pur (2 Pack)
Bravecto Plus Spot-On Medium Cats 2.8-6.2kg (1 Pack)
Bravecto Plus Spot-On Medium Cats 2.8-6.2kg (2 Pack)
Hill's Science Diet Adult Dry Cat Food 4kg

REG $87.00 $65.25

VIP $83.00 $62.25

Mini Pet Carrier Soft

REG $64.95

VIP $58.95


What essential cat supplies do I need for a new kitten?

If you're welcoming a new kitten into your home, you can ensure a smooth transition with these essential cat supplies: a cozy bed, high-quality kitten food, a litter box, litter, food and water bowls, a variety of toys for mental stimulation, a scratching post to keep those claws healthy, and a safe, secure collar with an ID tag. And don't forget grooming tools, like a brush and nail clippers, to keep your adorable bundle of fur looking and feeling their best. 

What are the best cat supplies for grooming?

While grooming will likely be high on your cat's list of daily tasks, you can give them a helping hand with these cat shop supplies: a gentle cat brush to keep their coat sleek and tangle-free, a cat nail clipper for safe trimming, and a toothbrush and feline-friendly toothpaste for dental care. Add a cat-friendly shampoo for occasional baths, and a fine-toothed comb for long-haired breeds. You should aim to keep grooming sessions stress-free with treats and positive reinforcement.