Dog Cooling Mats & Heating Pads

Ensure your canine companion stays comfortable in all seasons with our range of heating pads and cooling mats. During chilly weather, a dog heating pad provides soothing warmth, easing joint pain and promoting relaxation. For hot days, a dog cooling mat offers a refreshing surface that helps regulate body temperature. Designed with safety and comfort in mind, our products are durable, easy to use, and available in various sizes to suit different breeds. Keep your furry friend cozy in winter and cool in summer. Explore our collection now and give your dog the ultimate climate-controlled comfort!

Scream Cool Pad XS 30x40cm Blue

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Kazoo Verandah Large Bed Mat

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Scream Cool Pad Small 40x50cm Blue

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Scream Cool Pad Medium 65x50cm Blue

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Scream Cool Pad XL 81x96cm Blue

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PetSafe Happy Ride Car Dog Bed

REG $129.95

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StayDry Extra Large Dog Bed Mat Red


How do dog cooling mats work?

Most dog cooling mats are filled with a cooling gel. When pressure is applied, the gel absorbs and dissipates heat from your dog's body, providing a cooling sensation. Cooling dog mats are designed to stay cool without the need for refrigeration or electricity, making them an effective solution to keep your dog cool during hot weather or after physical activity.

What is a dog heating pad and how does it work?

A dog heating pad is a specialised pad that provides gentle warmth for dogs. It typically features an internal element that generates heat when powered on. The heating pad is designed with safety features like adjustable temperature settings and an automatic shut-off function. When activated, the pad emits a comfortable level of warmth, providing relief for dogs with muscle stiffness, joint pain, or during cold weather. For safety, it's important to use a heating pad for dogs according to the manufacturer's instructions.