Dog Odour Removers & Cleaners

Say goodbye to unwanted pet odours with Pet City's dog odour removers and cleaners. Explore a range of highly effective solutions designed to tackle stains and eliminate unpleasant smells, creating a fresh and clean environment for both you and your furry friend. From stain removers to enzymatic cleaners and more, these premium products feature powerful formulas that target odour-causing bacteria at its source. Shop now for an odour-free living space and a harmonious coexistence with your pets.


How to remove dog odours from carpets?

The most effective way to remove dog odours from carpets is to use a specialised dog odour remover spray or cleaner. Begin by blotting the affected area with paper towels to absorb excess moisture. Then, apply a quality enzymatic cleaner spray to break down and eliminate the odour at its source. Follow the product instructions, allowing it to penetrate the carpet fibres. For a finishing touch, use a dog-friendly deodorising spray to refresh the area. Regular use of these products ensures a clean and odour-free carpet, fostering a healthier and more pleasant living space.

How to remove dog odours from the house?

Effectively banish dog odours from your house by implementing a few key steps. Begin with a thorough cleaning, focusing on pet-accessible areas. Use high-quality dog odour removers and cleaners on carpets, upholstery, and surfaces, and wash your pet's bedding regularly. Ensure proper ventilation and consider using air purifiers. Finish with a pet-friendly deodorising spray in the areas your pet frequents.