Freshwater Aquarium Gravel & Substrate

Upgrade your aquarium with Pet City’s selection of freshwater fish tank gravel and substrates. Whether you prefer a natural riverbed appearance or an eye-catching display, our gravel and substrates come in a variety of colours and textures to suit every preference. Freshwater aquarium substrates don’t just add aesthetic appeal; they also play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy aquatic ecosystem by promoting the growth of bacteria that’s essential for biological filtration and water quality. With Pet City's high-quality gravel and substrates, your fish will thrive. Explore our comprehensive collection, and discover the perfect substrate to suit your aquarium's unique requirements.


Why is gravel and substrate important for a freshwater aquarium?

Gravel and substrate are essential for freshwater aquariums as they serve multiple vital functions. They provide a foundation for aquatic plants to anchor their roots, create a breeding ground for beneficial bacteria, and offer a comfortable environment for fish to explore, hide, and forage. They can also impact water chemistry and help maintain a stable pH level.

How do I choose the right type and size of gravel and substrate for my aquarium?

To choose the right freshwater fish tank gravel or substrate, consider the needs of your fish species and plants. For instance, fine substrates are suitable for delicate plants, while larger ones suit burrowing species. You might also want to consider a gravel that complements the aesthetics and colour scheme of your tank. If you're unsure, we recommend discussing your options with an experienced fishkeeper or aquarist. 


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