Find all your reptile supplies at Pet City, including reptile housing and enclosures, heating and lighting supplies, reptile food, medication and supplements, and reptile breeding supplies. We’ll make sure you have everything you need to keep your scaly friend happy and healthy, whether they be a snake, lizard, tortoise, turtle, gecko, or amphibian.

Each species of reptile has its own unique care needs that you’ll want to know about. Our reptile care tips will point you in the right direction, plus our expert team are only a call or email away and will ensure you get exactly the right reptile enclosure supplies for your beloved pet.


What kind of reptile lighting supplies do I need?

The lighting supplies you’ll need vary for each type of reptile. Frogs, pythons, and geckos are natural shade dwellers, and fluorescent lighting is sufficient. On the other hand, blue tongue lizards and bearded dragons need lighting that mimics basking in the sun, and will need UVB bulbs that can be set to their specific needs. Getting the UV exposure correct is critical to your reptile’s health – talk to our experienced reptile team to find out exactly what’s right for your reptile.

What are the essential reptile pet supplies needed?

Your pet reptile will need the following:

There may also be times when a medication or food supplement is recommended to maintain your reptile’s health, and you may need a syringe to administer some of these.