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Reptile Supplies & Accessories in Brisbane

Pet City Mt Gravatt is home to a number of reptile supplies, enclosures, food and accessories. Our online reptile shop will help your find all of our accessories and supplies with ease. We have a huge range of reptile supplies to ensure you can create and maintain a healthy habitat for you snakes, lizards and other small reptiles or amphibians. We also have a variety of different reptile enclosures that are designed for specific animals. View our reptile care blog for helpful tips or visit us in-store and ask our friendly staff if you have any questions to help you purchase the ideal supplies or enclosures for your pets.

We provide a vast range of reptile supplies and accessories in Brisbane, with everything you need to care for lizards, snakes and amphibians, such as housing, food, heating, lighting, furnishings, medications and supplements. 

Your scaly friend has unique needs for space, heat, humidity, lighting and stimulation to remain happy and healthy. To ensure you make the correct purchase from the “geck-o”, we recommend reading our reptile care blog for helpful tips or visiting us in-store to speak to our friendly team to help you choose the ideal product for your pet. 

Reptile Housing

We have you covered when it comes to indoor or outdoor reptile housing and enclosures to ensure the correct, healthy habitat for your pet.

Reptile Heating and Lighting

Our cold-blooded friends rely on their environment to regulate their body temperature and every other facet of their behaviour. As such, not any old light will do when it comes to their health. We supply specialist heating and lighting solutions for all types of species and enclosures. Read our helpful article for more detailed information on the importance of lighting for your reptile’s health.

Reptile Furnishing and Décor

Like cats and dogs, reptiles each have their own personalities and may enjoy swimming, climbing, jumping, and burrowing in their natural habitat. Our range of décor is not only stylish but also functional, designed to improve the look and feel of your pet’s enclosure and to encourage their natural inclination to explore their habitat. 

Reptile Supplements and Medications 

Just like other mammals, our reptile friends need specific vitamins and minerals to thrive. Our huge range of vitamins, minerals and supplements are designed to assist with all their nutrient needs. 

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Ceramic Heat Lamp Socket E27 with Reflector 150w

REG $50.95 $40.76

VIP $45.95 $36.76

Reptile One Dual Sensor LCD Thermometer

REG $19.95 $15.96

VIP $18.45 $14.76

Reptile One Thermometer & Hydrometer External

REG $17.95 $14.36

VIP $16.45 $13.16

URS Basking Spot Light 100w

REG $18.95 $11.37

VIP $17.00 $10.20

Eco Tech Dual Dimming Digital Thermostat

REG $164.95 $131.96

VIP $149.95 $119.96

Reptile One Internal Heat Lamp Holder

REG $10.95 $8.76

VIP $9.95 $7.96

Light Ceramic Socket with Switch

REG $23.50 $18.80

VIP $21.15 $16.92

Reptile One Heat Mat 14w

REG $34.95 $27.96

VIP $31.95 $25.56

Reptile Satvia on Log

REG $12.95

VIP $11.95

Tropical Coco Soil 8L

REG $20.95

VIP $18.95

URS Basking Spot Light 150w

REG $21.95 $13.17

VIP $19.75 $11.85

Aqua One Easy Read LCD Thermometer

REG $14.95 $11.96

VIP $13.95 $11.16

ES Fitting with Lead & Bracket

REG $29.95 $23.96

VIP $27.95 $22.36

Exo Terra Intense Basking Spot Lamp 50w

REG $17.95 $14.36

VIP $16.45 $13.16

Reptile Build-N-Bask 36cm

REG $43.95

VIP $39.95

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