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Indulge your furry friend in playtime bliss with Pet City's collection of dog toys. From interactive puzzles to durable chew toys, our selection guarantees endless entertainment for your canine companion. Discover toys designed for various breeds, sizes, and play styles, ensuring a perfect match for every pet. Foster mental stimulation, promote dental health, and strengthen the bond with your dog through engaging play. Explore top brands and innovative designs that prioritise your pet's mental and physical health. Shop now to treat your beloved pup to a world of fun and excitement! 


How long do dog toys last?

The lifespan of dog toys depends on factors like the dog's size, play intensity, and the toy's construction. Some toys marketed as 'indestructible dog toys' are designed to withstand rigorous chewing, although no toy is truly indestructible. You should regularly inspect toys for wear and replace them when necessary to ensure your pup's safety. With proper supervision and maintenance, durable toys can provide extended playtime, contributing to your dog's quality of life for several months or even years. 

How to wash dog toys?

Washing your dog's toys is essential for maintaining hygienic play, and can significantly extend the life of their toys. For plush toys, machine wash with pet-safe detergent and air dry. Hard or rubber dog toys can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap, and a scrub brush for tough spots. Squeaky toys can be wiped down or soaked briefly. Always check labels for specific care instructions. 



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