Returns Policy

On: 1 August 2017 

How to Return Items
Please bring your proof of purchase, product and original packaging (if applicable) to the correct department in store. 

Returning Via Post
If you need to return the items via mail the customer is required to pay for shipping. Alternatively, bringing the item in-store will save you paying this.

What cannot be returned
Some restrictions apply due to hygiene or safety reasons. Some items that cannot be returned are (not exclusive to):

  • Scratching Posts

  • Bird Harnesses

Time Frame for Returning Items
Within 3 months of original purchase date. This might vary for some items that have warranties or guarantees, refer to your receipt or original product package.

We cannot offer a refund on VIP Memberships

Refer to our VIP Club Terms and Conditions




We are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind. But you can choose a refund or exchange if an item has a major problem. 

View the State Refunds Policy (PDF)



Warranties, Guarantees & Palatability Claims


If you have a item that has malfunctioned or stopped working within the warranty period, you may be entitled to a replacement or to have the item fixed. As the conditions vary greatly for every item, please contact us and ask for the correct department.


Some items have a 100% guarantee for a certain period. You may be elligible for a refund or exchange if the item is not performing the way it is advertised per the guarantee. You are required to bring the item, packaging (if applicable) and proof of purchase in-store within the end of the guarantee period.

Palatability Claims

Most of our premium pet foods have a guarantee that your pet will love them. If not, you may be elligible for a refund or exchange. Please bring the bag of pet food and your proof of purchase. You may be denied a refund or exchange if an excessive amount of claims have been made already.

Brands that do not have a palatability guarantee are: Supercoat, Optimum, Bonnie, Meals for Mutts (9kg -20kg).