Dog Carriers

Embark on adventures with your beloved pet with the help of a dog carrier from Pet City! Our selection includes airline-approved carriers, soft bag carriers, and sturdy crates designed for various travel needs. Whether you're jet-setting or strolling through town, our carriers ensure comfort, security, and style for your furry friend. With durable materials and thoughtful designs, our products prioritise your pet's safety and well-being during transit. Experience hassle-free travels and seamless outings with a Pet City dog carrier bag or crate, Make every journey unforgettable with your loyal companion by your side!


What size dog carrier is appropriate for travelling?

The appropriate size of a dog carrier crate or bag for travelling depends on factors such as the pet's size, weight, and comfort level. Generally, carriers should be large enough for pets to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. It's crucial to choose a carrier size that accommodates your dog's dimensions and provides ample ventilation and security.

What is the best way to introduce my dog to a new carrier?

To introduce your pet to a new dog car carrier, make it a positive experience by associating it with treats, toys, and praise. Start by placing the carrier in a familiar, comfortable space at home and gradually encourage your dog to explore it with treats and gentle encouragement. Patience and positive reinforcement are key!


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