Dog Dental Toys

Keep your pooch's pearly whites in top shape with Pet City's dog dental toys. From durable chew toys to specially designed dental sticks, these toys help reduce plaque and tartar buildup, promoting healthier gums and teeth. Explore various shapes and textures that engage your dog's natural chewing instincts, providing not only entertainment but also essential oral care. Choose from a range of innovative designs that make dental care an enjoyable part of your dog's daily routine.


Are there any dog dental toys suitable for puppies?

Yes, PetCity offers a range of dental toys suitable for puppies. These toys feature softer textures and smaller sizes that are appropriate for puppy mouths. Introducing dog dental care toys early encourages positive chewing habits, alleviates teething discomfort, and supports healthy dental development. Explore our collection to find the perfect dental toys for your puppy, ensuring a happy and healthy start to their dental care routine.

How often should you replace a dog dental toy?

The frequency with which you replace your dog's dental toys depends on factors like the toy's wear and tear, your dog's chewing habits, and the type of toy. You should regularly inspect dental toys and replace them if they show signs of significant damage to prevent any potential hazards. As a general guideline, consider replacing dental toys every few months or sooner if needed. Dentals toys for small dogs will likely last longer than those for larger breeds due to the lesser bite force of these breeds.