Dog Walking Accessories

When you walk with your dog, you need more than just a lead. But what else should you take with you? Dog walking accessories like poop bags, a foldable water dish, balls and snacks are essential to carry as part of any owner's dog walking equipment and essentials.


What are the essential dog-walking accessories every owner should have?

Essential dog-walking accessories include a well-fitted collar or harness with identification tags, a sturdy leash, popp bags for cleaning up after your dog, and proper footwear for comfort and safety. Additionally, a portable water bowl and water, especially on hot days, ensure your dog stays hydrated.

Are there specific accessories for night-time dog walks to enhance safety?

Yes, specific accessories for night-time dog walks enhance safety. Consider reflective collars, leashes, or harnesses to make your dog more visible. Additionally, using an LED light attachment or a reflective vest for yourself can help ensure you and your dog are seen by others, improving overall safety during evening walks.