Outdoor & Active Dog Toys

Strengthen the bond with your pet while providing mental stimulation and preventing boredom. At Pet City, our outdoor dog toys are designed to keep your pooch entertained for hours. From balls and ropes to agility kits, our durable toys ensure your dog stays happily engaged, both physically and mentally, for a fulfilling and enjoyable play experience.


What are the best durable outdoor dog toys for large breeds?

For large breeds, the best durable outdoor dog toys are those designed to withstand powerful chewing and rough play. Look for sturdy options like rubber fetch toys, tough tug ropes, or large, durable balls. Brands offering heavy-duty materials are ideal. Consider toys with added features like squeakers or those designed for water play; these are ideal for retrieving breeds and those with a high prey drive. 

What are the best outdoor dog toys for small or toy breeds?

For small or toy breeds, opt for outdoor dog toys that cater to their size and energy levels. Squeaky plush toys, small fetch balls, or mini frisbees are excellent choices. Look for toys with soft materials and smaller dimensions for easy carrying and play, or those that offer food rewards for dogs that are highly food motivated.