Cage & Stand '604' Black

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Cage & Stand '604X'

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Bird cages offer comfort and protection for pet birds whether you are housing them indoors or outdoors. We have a wonderful range of bird cages for sale suitable for budgies, parrots, cockatiels and other unique bird species, with a variety of different cage sizes available depending on the particular species and number of birds you are wanting to keep as a pet.

You may also want to customise your bird cage with our range of accessories including cage covers, cage stands, perches and bird boxes to help make your bird/s feel more comfortable while they are nesting in their shelter. Most birds are diurnal, meaning they are active during the day, this means it’s important to keep them entertained with different toys or even a harness for birds to take them on an outing with you.

We supply bird cages in large and small sizes and everything else in between, as well as cage stands and other accessories to enhance the quality of life for your pet. Please remember that cages are a home to protect your pet, not imprison them.

We recommend reading our helpful blog on bird care if you want to know more about helping your feathered friend thrive.

Bird cages and cage stands

The right size bird cage is critical for your pet to thrive. There should be enough space for your pet to stretch out its wings fully in the cage. Our large bird cages are suitable for parrots, and our small bird cages are ideal for budgies. 

Birds are highly social and need constant stimulation, so they are happiest when you take them out of their cage from time to time for some interaction and exercise. We also have exercise cages in stock if taking them out of the cage is not an option.

While we stock bird cages with stands, we also sell cage stands on their own. 

Bird toys and play gyms

Birds need lots of things to do during the day and, if not provided with stimulation, will quickly become bored and develop behavioural issues. We recommend perusing our range of toys and play gyms to help keep your pet entertained.

Our toys and play gyms come in different textures, shapes, and colours to keep them engaged for hours. We recommend switching up their toys to break up their routine and provide “eggs-sightment”!






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