Welcome to the Small Animal Food and Accessories Department

Whether you are a cavy lover, rat tickler or mouse enthusiast we have you covered! Small Pets are extremely popular in Brisbane as they are so enriching for something that could fit in your pocket! The Small Pets Team all agree that the best things come in small packages. They might be small, but these animals have a lot of love to give and require as much attention and enrichment as a dog or cat. Thankfully, Pet City sell a huge range of toys, chews and houses to keep your pet happy and healthy.

For the long-eared guinea pig carers, we do sell some products for your special pets, including food and other basics. However, due to the Queensland laws we cannot sell rabbits in our store. 

All Pet Guinea Pig Cage 120x59x50cm

REG $129.95

VIP $121.95

Bag 'O Chews Lge 12pk Ware

REG $12.60

VIP $12.10

Bag 'O Chews SmL 12pk Ware

REG $8.70

VIP $7.83

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Baraka Station Autumn Blend

REG $10.95

VIP $9.85

Barrel Roller Chew Toy

REG $8.20

VIP $7.38

Bell/Ball Chew Toy Ware

REG $8.70

VIP $7.83

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Bowl N Bites Small

REG $9.30

VIP $8.37

C&C Grid Single Black

REG $3.50

VIP $2.95

C&C Grid Single White

REG $3.50

VIP $2.95

Cage Mouse 3 Platform 42x30x36Hcm

REG $62.95

VIP $56.95

Cage Mouse 50x36x29Hcm Manor

REG $65.95

VIP $59.95

Cage Mouse Penthouse Blue & Pink

REG $59.95

VIP $54.95

Cage Odour Eliminator 473mL

REG $22.95

VIP $20.95

Cavy Origins Guinea Pig Food 6kg

REG $39.90

VIP $35.94

Chateau Plastic Hides

REG $15.85

VIP $14.85

Chipsi Citrus Litter 3.2kg

REG $20.90

VIP $18.90

We Recommend

Water Bottle PetOne MED 125mL

REG $5.95

VIP $5.45

Litter Carefresh Natural 60 Lit

REG $60.95

VIP $54.95

Water Bottle PetOne LGE 250mL

REG $6.95

VIP $6.45

Water Bottle PetOne SmL 80mL

REG $4.95

VIP $4.90