Freshwater Aquarium Lighting

Discover the art of aquatic illumination with Pet City's freshwater aquarium lighting. From energy-efficient LED lights to customisable fixtures, we have everything you need to create the perfect underwater lighting setup for your fish and aquatic plants.  Achieve the ideal balance of day and night with adjustable intensity and colour spectrums that mimic natural conditions. Whether you have a tank with live plants, a community of vibrant fish, or a combination of both, our freshwater tank lighting options cater to all needs. Explore our selection now, and watch your aquatic paradise come alive with light!

Aqua One ArcGlo 23 LED

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Aqua One ArcGlo 33 LED

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Aqua One Betta Haven Light Unit
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Aquael Leddy Slim Duo 10W Sunny & Plant
Bioscape LED Light Bracket

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Does blue light cause algae in freshwater aquariums?

LED lights for freshwater aquariums emit a minimal amount of blue light, which is generally not a significant cause of algae growth on its own. However, prolonged exposure to intense blue light can contribute to algae problems. To prevent algae issues, it's essential to maintain a consistent lighting schedule, avoid excessive light duration, and consider using LED lights with adjustable colour spectrums to mimic natural lighting conditions.

Do I need a UV light for a freshwater aquarium?

A UV light for a freshwater aquarium is not a necessity, but it can be beneficial in certain situations. UV sterilizers or clarifiers can help control algae blooms and eliminate harmful pathogens, promoting clearer and healthier water. If you're struggling with persistent algae problems or dealing with water quality issues, a UV light can be a valuable addition to your aquarium's filtration system.