Reptile Heating & Lighting

Pet City offers a range of UV lights, heating lights, heating pads and UVB lights for reptiles. Broad-spectrum lights are great for planted terrariums and paludariums. Although they are not a great source of UVB that reptiles need, they emit UVA, which is also beneficial for reptiles and amphibians. Heating lamps maintain the temperature in a reptile tank so that your naturally cold-blooded companions do not become hypothermic. A combination of heating lamps and UV lighting ensures the reptile‚Äôs immune system functions properly, and it does not become prone to secondary infections. At Pet City, you can find all the accessories needed for your reptile tank and more. 


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Why do reptiles need UV lights?

Unless you place your reptile outside in direct sunlight for at least 20 minutes a day, UV lights are needed. There are three types of UV light: UVA, UVB, and UVC. Your reptile needs both UVA and UVB light to survive. UVC is a harmful form of radiation that can lead to cancer. UVA stimulates normal body functions such as appetite and UVB helps reptiles generate vitamin D, which is linked to calcium metabolism. Without calcium, reptiles can develop metabolic bone disease.

Do reptiles need light at night?

Reptiles require a day and night routine to set their circadian rhythms. Their days should be light and their nights dark. A dim-coloured bulb during nighttime will suffice in mimicking the reptile's light to dark ratio in their natural habitat. In a bio-active reptile enclosure, Broad Spectrum Lights can prove beneficial to your reptile.

How do you heat a reptile tank?

Reptile tanks can be heated with a variety of heating appliances. Radiant heat lamps are among the most common ways to heat a reptile tank but there are also heating pads, heat emitters, temperature monitors, and other heating accessories you can get for your reptile tank.

What type of reptile heating and lighting is generally needed?

Reptiles need both UVA and UVB light for good health. UVA stimulates their bodily functions, while UVB generates vitamin D, which helps in calcium metabolism. Your lizard friends could use small doses of UVC light to help kill bacteria, but high doses of UVC will be harmful to your pet.

Do I always have to keep my reptile heating and lighting on?

To simulate the outdoor environment, it's a good idea to turn the heat lamps off at night time. Additionally, keeping your UVB lights on all the time can give your lizards hypercalcemia - too much calcium.