Reptile Cleaning

We stock a great range of Reptile Cleaning Products designed specifically to make reptile handling safe for you and your scaly friend. It is vital to ensure that reptile cages are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Use a high-quality Reptile Enclosure Sanitiser to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Personal hygiene is also very important as reptiles are susceptible to skin and bacterial infections and can also carry bacteria that can cause disease in humans. Choose a quality Reptile Handling Product designed specifically to make reptile handling safe.


What are the basic reptile cleaning products?

Whether you are housing a snake, lizard, turtle, or other reptile, keeping their enclosure clean by removing bacterial buildup is a must. Cleaning can be accomplished with a basic product such as soap or vinegar and a bit of elbow grease. However, there are handy products available that do the job of both cleaning and sanitising in one.

  • An anti-bacterial enclosure cleaning spray will assist in cleaning while also removing bacteria, fungi, and viruses from the enclosure.
  • If your pet is housed in a tank, a glass cleaning aid such as an aquarium cleaning mitt can make removing grime easier, and for sand-dwelling reptiles such as lizards, a sand sieve will help with removing waste.
  • Finally, you’ll need a high-quality hand sanitiser to decontaminate your hands after handling your pet reptile.

What are safe cleaning products for reptiles?

Be sure to purchase specifically designed reptile cleaning supplies to ensure they are safe to use in their enclosure. You’ll also need to make sure the product is non-toxic for you! Ideally, choose a product that is biodegradable to minimise the impact on your reptile’s environment.
All of the reptile cleaning products stocked at Pet City are safe for both reptiles and humans.


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