Bird Ladders

Pet City's collection of bird ladders is the perfect addition to your feathered friend's playground. Our ladders are designed to provide both mental and physical stimulation, offering endless opportunities for climbing, perching, and playing. Crafted with safety and durability in mind, they come in various sizes and styles to suit different bird species and cage setups. Whether you have an active parrot, a playful budgie, or any other feathered companion, our bird ladders offer an exciting and enriching experience. Elevate your bird's environment with high-quality ladders from Pet City.

Feathered Friends Toy Chewy Play Ladder Small

REG $23.95 $20.36

VIP $21.95 $18.66

Feathered Friends Toy Coco Feeder with Ladder

REG $23.95 $20.36

VIP $21.95 $18.66

Giant Ladder Toy

REG $74.95

VIP $69.95

Ladder 14 Rung With Beads

REG $21.95

VIP $19.95

Ladder 9 Step 50cm Coloured

REG $13.95 $11.86

VIP $12.50 $10.63

Natural Bird Bridge 27cm

REG $12.95

VIP $11.95

Natural Ladder Small

REG $32.95

VIP $29.95

Toggle Ladder with Rope 37cm

REG $12.95 $10.36

VIP $11.95 $9.56

Sold Out
Avian Care Bird Toy Bolted Rope Ladder
Sale Sold Out
Ladder 6 Step 33cm Coloured

REG $9.95 $8.46

VIP $9.00 $7.65

Sale Sold Out
Nino's Java Box Ladder Bird Toy

REG $49.95 $34.97

VIP $45.95 $32.17


Can you explain the benefits of providing a bird ladder in a bird's cage or play area?

Bird ladders offer numerous benefits for a bird's well-being. They provide physical exercise, helping to maintain muscle tone and stimulate mental engagement as birds climb, explore, and interact with the ladder's rungs and toys attached to it. They encourage natural behaviours, reduce boredom, and alleviate stress. Ladders can also serve as perches and aid in creating a multi-dimensional environment within the cage, making the space more interesting and stimulating.

How do I clean and maintain a bird ladder to ensure hygiene and longevity?

Cleaning and maintaining a bird ladder is essential for hygiene and longevity. You should regularly inspect the ladder for any signs of wear or damage, such as loose or broken rungs. Clean the ladder using a bird-safe disinfectant or mild soap and water. Rinse thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before returning it to the cage. Rotate and replace ladders as needed to ensure cleanliness and prevent accidents. 


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