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Breeders Choice Cat Litter 30L
Cat Litter Scoop Blue

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Kitter Litter 15kg

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Litter-Trapping Mat Large

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Litter Tray Medium

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Odour Remover 3in1 750mL

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Cat Litter & Toileting

We stock a variety of products designed to make your cat or kitten’s toilet time as hygienic and clean as possible. Choose from our large and affordable range of clay, clumping, crystal paper, pellet and wood varieties of Cat Litter designed specifically to absorb and neutralise odours. Place the litter in a Cat Litter Tray or Cat Toilet System of your choice that suits your home and space requirements. Make sure you have a Cat Litter Scoop at the ready for the clean-up. Take care of and prevent any smelly and messy mishaps with one of our quality Cat Litter Liners and Cat Cleaning Products.