Heat Lamps

Pet City has a range of fantastic heat lamps to keep your reptile friend warm and cozy! Shop our Heat Lamps online or in-store as well as all our reptile supplies & reptile heating accessories!


Without a heat lamp your cold-blooded friend will not be very active or happy. They need to bask in the glow, warming up on a rock, so they can run around, catch crickets and bring you joy.

Pet City has a range of heat lamps suitable for any sized environment. Speak to our team before purchase, as you don’t want a heat lamp too powerful for a small enclosure.

Please note that simple heat lamps do not emit UVB radiation, which is essential for your pets health. You will need a seperate UVB heat lamp for your reptillian friend. 

Do all reptiles need heat lamps?
All reptiles, being cold-blooded, need external help to maintain body heat regulation. All of your reptiles need a heat lamp to keep them warm and their bodily functions working.

A heat lamp will keep your scaly friends happy and healthy.

How long do reptile heat lamps last?

It can be tricky to definitively say how long a lamp will last. Long-lasting lamps can shine for a good 2000 hours, which is about 83 days. Since we recommend not having them on all the time, you could stretch that to around 12 months.

Some lamps may last longer, and you may not need to change them every 12 months. Suffice it to say they will last a good amount of time, and warm your reptile friends for many days.


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