Reptile Food

Pet City is your one-stop reptile food shop for all kinds of scaly critters. We stock foods suitable for your snake, lizard, tortoise, turtle, gecko, or frog.
You’ll find a complete range of dry reptile food, canned food, frozen and live reptile food to suit all nutrition needs, along with bulk-buying and small pack options. Our reptile food range includes mice, grasshoppers, rabbits, rats, woodies, and pre-mixes for carnivores, omnivores, herbivores, and insectivores.
Whether you are looking to buy reptile food online or want to shop in-store and gain valuable advice from a reptile food expert, we’re here to serve you and your slithery pet!

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What food do reptiles eat?

There are as many different reptile diets as there are types of reptiles! Even within one species, such as lizards, different breeds can prefer meat, veggies, or both. The preference to eat live versus preserved food, and whole food versus pre-mixed, also depends upon the type of reptile. For example, lizards are stimulated to eat by the movement of live insects. Snakes are most commonly fed on a diet of thawed pinkie mice or rats depending on their size.
You’ll need to research your particular animal’s nutrition needs to ensure you feed them an appropriate diet. Our in-store experts are happy to help you choose the right reptile food, or if you’re buying reptile food online, call us to chat!

Do reptiles chew their food?

Most reptiles don’t chew their food, but rather swallow it whole and spend significant time digesting it in their stomachs. Interestingly, some reptiles can aid digestion by swallowing rocks and pebbles, which help break down food by grinding it.