Fish Marine Lighting

Having the greatest-looking marine aquarium is one thing. Being able to see the corals and the fish inside is another. When lighting your aquarium, you don’t want to put just any bulb above the tank and turn it on. It may harm your fish or kill your plant life and the coral.

AI Hydra Flex Arm 18"

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AI Prime Flex Arm 12"

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AI Prime Flex Arm 18"

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Aqua One ArcGlo 23 LED

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Aqua One ArcGlo 33 LED

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You can have light tubes that can simulate sunlight; we have light strips which can give an even source of light along the length of your tank; and we also have LED Flexi-arm lights, which can give one corner a bright tone, while leaving dark places for some fish to hide. Get in touch with one of our staff today. Tell them all about your aquarium needs, and we’ll light up your world.


Can You Use Marine Lights In A Tropical Tank?

Absolutely yes, you can. Don’t use incandescent bulbs, as they give off too much heat. Standard fluorescent bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs would be good, and so too LED lights.


LED lighting for your tank is a good idea as it can last a long time and use minimal energy, saving you money on your power bills. You can dim them to simulate nighttime conditions if you like. They also don't put off heat, so you can easily control the temperature conditions in your tropical tank.


How Long Should Marine Fish Tank Lights Be On?

The ideal time for your tank to be lit is between 9 and 12 hours. If you can, simulating sunrise and sunset, rather than a rapid light and dark, would be best. This light cycle gives enough time for coral to photosynthesise and rest at night.