Freshwater Aquarium & Fish Tank Water Treatment

Take the guesswork out of maintaining your freshwater aquarium with Pet City's water treatments, tailored to meet your fish and plants' specific needs. Whether you need to condition tap water, control harmful substances, or kick-start the nitrogen cycle, our premium water treatments can help you effortlessly maintain pristine water conditions. Explore our complete collection of freshwater aquarium water treatments, and discover the secret to a thriving aquarium. 

API Quick Start 118ml

REG $27.95

VIP $25.95

API Start Up Pack 30ml

REG $14.95

VIP $13.95

Pet City pH Up 500g

REG $10.90

VIP $9.80

Seachem Prime 100mL

REG $11.95

VIP $10.75

Seachem Prime 500mL

REG $42.95

VIP $38.65

Algae Cure 125mL

REG $15.80

VIP $14.80

Algae Cure 50mL

REG $10.85

VIP $10.35

API Accu Clear 118ml

REG $16.95

VIP $15.45

API Accu Clear 237ml

REG $30.95

VIP $27.95

API Algaefix

REG $21.95

VIP $19.95

API Ammo Carb 284g

REG $11.95

VIP $10.95

API Ammo Lock

REG $16.95

VIP $15.45

API Aqua Essential 118ml

REG $16.95

VIP $15.95

API Aqua Essential 237ml

REG $27.95

VIP $25.95

API Aqua Essential 473ml

REG $37.95

VIP $34.95

API Aquarium Salt 22.7kg Bag

REG $189.95

VIP $189.95

API BettaFix Remedy 50ml

REG $17.95

VIP $16.45


Can water treatments help to address common water quality issues in the tank?

Yes, freshwater fish tank water treatments are specifically formulated to address common water quality issues. They can neutralise harmful substances like chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals, detoxify ammonia and nitrite, and stabilise pH levels. Using appropriate water treatments helps to create a safe and healthy environment for fish and plants, reducing stress and potential health problems.

How often should I use water treatments in my freshwater aquarium?

The frequency with which you should use freshwater aquarium water treatments depends on the specific needs of your tank and the water quality. In general, you should use water treatments during water changes or when adding new water or fish to the tank. Regular testing can help you determine when treatments are necessary to maintain optimal water conditions.


We Recommend

Seachem Prime 100mL

REG $11.95

VIP $10.75

API Stress Coat

REG $8.95

VIP $8.45

API Stress Zyme

REG $16.95

VIP $15.45