Dog Chew Treats

Discover a delightful array of dog chew treats at Pet City! Our selection boasts a variety of healthy chew treats for dogs designed to keep your canine companion happily occupied. From satisfying their natural urge to chew to promoting dental health, chew treats offer numerous benefits for your furry friend. Whether your pup prefers crunchy textures or savoury flavours, we have the perfect natural dog chew treats to keep them entertained and content. Let the chewing adventures begin at Pet City!


How do I choose the right size of dog chew treats for my pet?

To select the perfect dog chew treat size, consider your pet's breed, age, and chewing habits. Opt for treats that are large enough to prevent choking hazards but not too small to swallow whole. Prioritise safe chew treats for dogs designed to match your furry friend's size and chewing strength.

How often should I give my dog chew treats?

For optimal dental health and enjoyment, offer your dog chew treats no more than once a day. Monitoring their chewing frequency prevents overconsumption and potential digestive issues. Choose the best chew treats for dogs that are appropriately sized, digestible, and suited to your pet's dental health needs and preferences.


We Recommend

Shark Cartridge (each)

REG $1.95

VIP $1.90

Pork Snout (each)

REG $1.95

VIP $1.90

Braided Bully 20cm

REG $8.95

VIP $8.45

Roo Tendons (Each)

REG $5.95

VIP $5.45