The tropical marine tank is the most common type of saltwater fish tank and houses beautiful, exotic marine plants and animals from tropical climates (think Hawaii, think Bora Bora). They are usually kept between 24-28°C and include tropical reef and fish-only tanks. Pet City, located in Mt Gravatt, Brisbane, has a wide range of marine aquariums for sale in-store. Follow our Facebook page to stay up to date with our store discounts, plants, and the available marine aquarium fish. You will also be able to find all the supplies, cleaning equipment, water maintenance, ornaments and other goodies through our online store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to start a marine aquarium?

Generally speaking, you will need a marine fish tank, an aquarium heater, a pump, artificial lighting, water treatments, ornaments, and, of course, saltwater fish to start your aquarium.

How to raise alkalinity in saltwater fish tanks?

Alkalinity measures water’s ability to buffer pH levels. Without the stability it provides, rapid changes in pH could lead to it becoming very acidic and harming your poor little fishies. Luckily, we have water treatments that can lower and maintain pH. Alkalinity Complete is a water treatment that can raise the alkalinity in your marine fish tanks. There are also other treatments available that regulate calcium, magnesium, and pH levels. 

How to clean a marine and saltwater fish tank

To clean your tank, use a magnetic algae scraper designed specifically for fish tanks. In addition to an algae scraper, some cleaning items you may need are a razor blade, gravel vacuum, bucket, aquarium glass cleaner, filter brush and media, microfibre cloths/towels, and an aquarium water conditioner. If you’re completely lost, refer to our blog and find the basics of how to clean your tank properly.



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