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Reptile Enclosures

Pet City has a variety of reptile enclosures that are suitable to house snakes, spiders, scorpions, lizards, turtles, hermit crabs and other amphibians, insects or reptiles. We also have a range of terrariums that are ideal for growing plants indoors with the optimum humidity and temperature. Our wonderful range of housing will help you create the ideal habitat for your reptiles.

Just remember you are purchasing an enclosure for your reptile to live in, it's important to ensure you find the correct housing and supplies that gives your pet/s enough space and is also easy for you to maintain. That's why we have sourced some of the best quality products on the market for reptiles. You may also want to visit us in-store if you wish to speak to our friendly reptile team or have a look through our reptile care articles to find some helpful tips so you can purchase the right products online.

Our scaly friends need enough space to swim, jump, climb and burrow to their heart’s content. We supply only the best quality reptile enclosures, tanks, and terrariums in Brisbane to help you create the ideal habitat for them. Our products are suitable for snakes, spiders, scorpions, lizards, turtles, hermit crabs, and other amphibians, insects, and reptiles.

We recommend looking through our reptile care blog to help you choose the correct housing for your pet or visit us in-store to speak to our friendly team.


Our terrariums are ideal for growing plants indoors and providing optimum humidity and temperature. They are also suitable for housing your reptiles.


Vivariums are enclosures designed to house small animals or plants, and they allow you to replicate a reptile’s natural habitat perfectly. We supply excellent quality vivariums to help you control humidity, temperature, and lighting to create the right environment for your pet. 


Our stylish but functional furnishings create the ideal, cozy home for your pet. Choose from our great range of reptile hides, enclosure backgrounds, artificial plants, climbs, reptile ornaments, and turtle docks.

Turtle tanks

Our purpose-built turtle tanks are the perfect “shell-ter” for adult and baby turtles, or you can design your own. We also have all the accessories and tools you need to help you clean and maintain your turtle aquarium including filters, heaters, and lighting.

We recommend reading our helpful turtle care guide for valuable tips on raising your pet turtle and choosing the ideal equipment for your turtle tank.

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