Puppy Preschool

Puppy Lifestyle Program is hosted and run by Zigrid Phillips, The Voice of Dogs, Cert IV in Canine Behaviour who has been practicing and constantly updating for over 19 years.


Be pro-active and set your puppy up for the very best in life! Our uniquely designed puppy preschool program in Brisbane's Southside, is a vital step in the development of a happy and healthy puppy. We have two age groups for our puppy preschool program.

One for puppies 8-14 weeks old, and the other for puppies 14-24 weeks. This ensures puppies learn to mingle with others of a similar age in environments that cater to their needs best.


About The Puppy Preschool Program

This 8-week puppy preschool program is designed to successfully set you and your puppy up for success to develop the best relationship possible that is based on trust, respect, and clear communication. You will learn everything you need to know in teaching and guiding your pup in everyday life situations. Puppies will learn how to interact and play appropriately with other dogs and learn how to be a polite puppy from an early age in everyday life situations.



In the Puppy Preschool Program you will learn about the following:

Best puppy preschool program come when called


Puppies will learn to:

best puppy preschool program puppies playing

 best puppy preschool program puppies playing

If a puppy class is missed then we will let you know the exercises you missed out on and you can refer to the training manual so you can practice at home.

Alternatively you can have a 30 minute private make up session at a small cost of $30.


We hold our first five puppy preschool classes indoors in Brisbane's Southside suburb Wishart, providing your pup with a safe, clean and comfortable environment. Your puppy only needs to have had its very first vaccination for these sessions, and once they are fully vaccinated, we will move outside for the remainder of the training.

On completion of the training your puppy should be 80-100% well trained.


You won't just get the training itself you will also receive a puppy preschool training manual, and complimentary puppy social interactions sessions. These are available every Thursday evenings and possibly some Saturday mornings so you and your puppy get the very best from the puppy preschool program.

Also another new added bonus to celebrate 20 years of dog training and the wonderful changes due to science research in understanding dog behaviour, upon completion of the puppy program you will receive 1 year of complimentary phone assistance.

We understand that sometimes as a puppy develops some new unwanted behaviour may pop up and we want you to have piece of mind that you can give us a call to help you address any issues.



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If we hadn’t found Ziggy when we did we probably would have rehomed our crazy Labrador. Zigrid taught us K9 communication and how to be K9 parents. Zigrids sole focus was the welfare of our dogs and our sanity. Thankyou Zigrid!

Rory and K9 buddy Winter 


We can’t recommend Zigrid and her team highly enough. Their dedication to helping us to understand our puppy and help him succeed has been a gift that will last a lifetime. Teaching us to read the dogs body language, offering social interaction sessions in a safe zone for the dogs, personal care and attention to difficulties we had, and offering practical and effective solutions that met with out belief in positive training. During the program we have made huge progress on sole attachment, being home alone, and interacting with other dogs. We recommend Zigrid to everyone and will be back with any future furry additions to our family.

Simon, Kylie and K9 buddy Jasper