Bird Lamp, Lights, and Heating

Proper lighting is crucial for maintaining your bird's health. You can enhance your indoor bird's environment with Pet City's bird heating and lighting products. We stock specialised bird lamps designed to replicate natural sunlight, providing essential UVB rays that improve calcium metabolism and overall mood.
In addition to bird lamps, our range includes heating solutions to ensure your feathered friend stays cozy and comfortable year-round. Explore our bird heating and lighting products to create an ideal habitat for your bird, supporting their physical and psychological health while enhancing their living space.


Are there different types of bird lamps available, and which one is best for my bird species?

Yes, there are different types of bird lamps available, including full-spectrum, UVB, and UVA lamps. The choice depends on your bird species and its specific needs. Full-spectrum lamps, like those that mimic natural sunlight, are generally a good choice for most bird species as they provide a broad spectrum of light essential for physical and emotional health. However, you should consult with a veterinarian to determine the best lamp type for your specific bird.

What are the benefits of full-spectrum bird lamps for birds' physical and emotional well-being?

Full-spectrum bird lamps offer several benefits for birds' physical and emotional wellbeing. They simulate natural sunlight, providing essential UVB rays necessary for calcium metabolism and preventing deficiencies like metabolic bone disease. Additionally, these lamps can positively impact birds' emotional health, reducing stress, promoting natural behaviours, and enhancing their overall mood. Proper lighting can also regulate the sleep-wake cycle, improving sleep patterns and contributing to a healthier, happier bird.