Mice Cages & Enclosures

Discover the best mice enclosure for your little buddy within Pet City’s wide range. Providing a safe and stimulating environment for your furry friends is essential, and a mice cage from Pet City is designed with comfort in mind. Featuring built-in running wheels, convenient feeders, and waterers, these enclosures ensure your mice stay active and hydrated. Plus, we also stock mice cage accessories to personalise their living space and enhance their well-being. Whether you're a seasoned pet owner or new to caring for mice, Pet City has everything you need to create a cosy home for your tiny companions.


How big do mice cage enclosures need to be?

A pet mice cage should be spacious enough to accommodate natural behaviours like exploring, nesting, and climbing. Opt for cages with multiple levels or platforms to maximise space vertically. Ensure the enclosure has ample room for exercise and enrichment items without overcrowding.

How many mice can fit per cage?

The number of mice that can comfortably fit in a cage depends on its size, layout, and the breed and temperament of the mice. As a general guideline, smaller breeds may require less space, while larger or more active breeds might need more room to thrive and remain healthy.