Dog Clippers & Trimmers

Achieve professional grooming results at home with Pet City's range of precision tools designed for your furry friend's comfort. Whether you're shaping their coat or maintaining specific lengths, our high-quality dog clippers and dog trimmers ensure a stress-free grooming experience. Crafted for ease of use and safety, these tools feature ergonomic designs and sharp blades for precise grooming. Explore our selection to find the perfect tool for your dog's coat type and length, and keep your pet looking their best. 


How to use dog clippers?

Before using dog grooming clippers, ensure your pet is calm and comfortable. Start with clean, dry fur, and choose the right clipper blade based on the desired length. Begin clipping in the direction of hair growth, using gentle, steady strokes. Hold the skin taut to avoid nicking, and regularly check the clippers for overheating. Pay extra attention to sensitive areas like the belly and paws. Take breaks if needed and reward your dog for cooperation.

How to use dog trimmers?

A dog hair trimmer is often the last step in your pet's grooming routine. Trimmers are more precise tools used for detailed work, and feature smaller, finer blades that are perfect for shaping specific areas like the face, paws, ears, and around sensitive spots. You'll want to ensure your dog stays calm and still while you trim these areas, possible using treats and affection to encourage their cooperation.


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