Cat Heating Pads & Cooling Mats

From chilly winters to scorching summers, provide your cat with a cozy, warm haven or a refreshing retreat with Pet City's cat heating pads and cooling mats. Our cutting-edge collection is designed for year-round comfort, ensuring optimal temperature regulation. Combining functionality with style, you can choose from a variety of sizes and designs. Treat your cat to the pinnacle of comfort with Pet City - where innovation meets purrfection.


How do cat heating pads work, and are they safe to leave on overnight?

A. cat heat pad operates by generating a gentle warmth that mimics a cat's body temperature, providing a cozy spot for relaxation. They are generally safe to leave on overnight, designed with built-in safety features like auto-shutoff mechanisms. However, you should always follow manufacturer guidelines and supervise initially, especially with young kittens or cats prone to destructive behaviours.

How do cat cooling mats work to keep my pet comfortable in hot weather?

A cooling mat for cats uses innovative materials that absorbs and dissipates heat, promoting a cooler surface. Often incorporating gel or phase-change materials, these mats absorb excess body heat when your cat lies on them. No electricity is needed, making them a safe and eco-friendly solution for hot weather. You can place these mats in your cat's favourite napping spots to ensure they stay cool and comfortable during warm days.