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At Pet City, we understand that your reptile is part of your family, and that you want to provide him with the best care possible. Along with a balanced diet and regular vet checks, medications and supplements can help to maintain your reptile’s health and wellbeing. That’s why we offer a range of high-quality health products to keep your pet in top condition, including vitamin drops, high protein supplements, parasite repellants, and more. We only supply medications and supplements from trusted brands that have been tried and tested by reptile and herpetological experts, so you can be confident that you’re giving your pet the best possible care. Explore our range of reptile health products below, and take charge of your pet’s wellbeing today!


How are fluids and liquid medications administered to reptiles?

Reptile supplements and medications are typically administered orally, either by mixing them with food or using a syringe to deliver the medication directly into the mouth. Some reptile medications may also be applied topically, such as parasite sprays, shedding mists, and ointments. Ensure that you follow the instructions provided with the specific medication or supplement carefully to ensure it's administered correctly.

Why do reptiles need calcium supplements?

Calcium is an essential mineral that reptiles need to maintain healthy bone growth and development, muscle function, blood clotting, and nerve transmission. Without sufficient calcium intake, reptiles can develop metabolic bone disease; a condition that affects bone strength and structure. Since many reptile diets are deficient in calcium, adding a supplement to their food is a proactive measure you can take to ensure your pet receives an adequate amount. 


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