Dog Towel Wraps

Attention all soggy dogs and wet-nosed adventurers! Get ready to dry off in style with a dog towel wrap from Pet City. Whether your pooch has taken a dip in the ocean, splashed around in the pool, or danced in the rain, our dog towel wraps are the paw-fect solution to soak up every drop of moisture. These snugly wraps are designed for comfort and efficiency, saving you from those soggy shake fiascos and protecting your floors from a watery mess. It's time to towel up and unleash the drying power of a dog bath towel wrap!


What is a dog towel wrap and how does it work?

Picture a fluffy, absorbent superhero cape for your furry friend – that's the wonder of a dog-drying towel wrap! These fabulous wraps are crafted from special materials that swiftly soak up moisture from your pup's fur. Just wrap your soggy sidekick snugly in the towel, and watch as it effortlessly wicks away wetness, leaving your dog dry and ready to conquer the world! It's the ultimate drying solution for your four-legged companion.

Can a dog towel wrap be used on all types of dogs, including those with long hair?

Absolutely! Dog towel wraps can be used on all types of dogs, including those with long hair. The absorbent material and adjustable design make it suitable for pups of various breeds and fur lengths. There’s no doubt that long-haired dogs can benefit from the quick-drying action, keeping their luscious locks looking fabulous while staying comfy and dry.


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