Reptile Backgrounds

Are you looking to create a stunning and realistic-looking environment for your reptile buddy? Look no further than Pet City's incredible selection of reptile backgrounds! Our collection features everything from jungle vines to lush forests, giving your pet a habitat that closely resembles their natural environment. Not only do our backgrounds provide a naturalistic feel to your pet's home, but they also add depth and visual interest to their enclosure. So why settle for a boring and dull enclosure when you can transform it into a mini paradise with Pet City's fantastic range of reptile enclosure backgrounds!


How do I install a reptile background in my terrarium?

Installing a reptile enclosure background is relatively easy. First, clean the back of the enclosure and measure the size of the background. Apply a thin layer of silicone adhesive to the back of the background and carefully press it against the enclosure. Let it dry completely before adding any substrate or decorations.

What are the benefits of using a reptile background in my terrarium? 

Using a reptile tank background in a terrarium can provide several benefits, including creating a more natural and aesthetically pleasing environment for your reptile, hiding cords and equipment, and reducing stress by providing a sense of security and privacy. Additionally, a reptile habitat background can help regulate temperature and humidity levels in the enclosure.