Freshwater Aerators

Fishy friends need fresh air too! Introducing our fin-tastic range of freshwater aeration products that'll keep your aquatic pals happy and healthy. From bubbly air stones to powerful aerating pumps, these supplies infuse precious oxygen into the water, promoting proper gas exchange for your underwater buddies. Not only do they help reduce stress and improve overall fish health, but they also create mesmerising bubble displays. Find the perfect aerating freshwater aquarium supplies at Pet City, and watch your fish glide through life with ease!


Are there any specific fish species that require higher levels of aeration?

Yes, certain fish species, like bettas and cichlids, require higher levels of aeration due to their need for more oxygen-rich water. These fish are often found in habitats with strong water currents or in densely vegetated areas, making adequate aeration crucial to replicate their natural environment in the aquarium.

Can I over-aerate my freshwater tank? What are the potential risks?

Yes, you can over-aerate a freshwater tank. Excessive aeration can lead to increased surface agitation, causing rapid loss of carbon dioxide. This may lead to pH fluctuations, stressing fish and disrupting their natural behaviour. On top of that, some fish prefer calmer waters, so it's essential to strike the right balance to keep your fish happy and healthy.