Bird Food.

Your bird needs a balanced diet to maintain good health and vitality. That’s why we supply our customers with a large variety of high quality, nutritionally rich Bird Food & Bird Seed. We have a great selection of breed specific Specialist Bird Food, as well as Hand Rearing and Lorikeet Food options.

We stock all the top bird food brands including Birdzone, Breeders Choice, Golden Cob, Passwell, Vetafarm, Wombaroo and more.

Checkout these essential Bird Cage Feeding & Watering options to make sure you have the right accessories to help keep your birds properly hydrated, fed, and happy.


We Recommend

Birdzone 1kg Conure Blend

REG $30.50

VIP $27.45

Top Seller
Vetafarm Parrot Essentials 2kg
Premium Budgie Mix

REG $9.95

VIP $9.25